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Almost twenty years ago, I bought a book that included some basic instruction about Viking wire knitting and a couple of pairs of pliers.  Then life got in the way of my plans and I ended up putting aside the book and tools, convinced that someday I’d get around to trying it out.   A few years ago, a co-worker passed away after a short and savage battle with cancer and I was reminded to not take time for granted, so I dug the book and tools out of a box and got started.

For the past four years, “The Purple Raven Boutique” has been my creative outlet/alter ego.  In 2014 I met the requirements of the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Standards Committee and participated in the Christmas Craft Fair that November.  In early 2016 I resigned from my public sector job to pursue my passion full time.

My specialty is Viking wire knitting although I also use other wire knitting and weaving techniques in my work.  I take great pleasure in bending metal to my will and hope to explore blacksmithing and metal clay techniques in the future.

My goal is to create jewelry that has its own spirit or voice and brings a little magic into the loves of those who wear it.  My work is currently available at The Plantation, at Devon House and through my website:


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