Angora Borealis

Beth Howley

In 2017, I brought a pair of Angora rabbits home to my little farm in Portugal Cove NL. As I learned to work with my rabbits and their fiber I became excited about the beauty and practicality of nature. I saw a handful of angora which could be carried away by the wind turn into a strand of wool that is strong, warm and beautiful.

My intention through Angora Borealis is to create beautiful wool using natural fibers, non-toxic dyes and Old World techniques which can then be stitched into heirlooms to last for generations.

“As my spinning wheel turns, so too turns the seasons and the times bringing us back to old ways in new days.”



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John Andrews

Copper-tooling and printmaking with a whiff of whimsy and a nod to the past.

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Stephen Brown

Unique, traditionally made and high quality leather goods.

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Kara Lynn Design

Kara Lynn

Charming children’s wear and soft textiles.

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