Meghan Jackman

St. John’s Studio (175 Water Street): Open Wednesdays 10am-5pm
Each handbag is carefully crafted in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We employ local experts in sewing and leatherwork – some work with us in our studio on Water Street and some work from their own creative spaces. Our colourful, eye-catching fabrics are a special part of each bag as they feature hand-drawn images by owner+designer, Megan Jackman. Megan was born in Newfoundland and is a self-taught textile artist. She spent most of her childhood with her Nan and Pop Harris, learning sewing and leatherwork skills. So, while Ragmaw officially started in 2013, it had been in the works many years before that! For more of our story, we’d love for you to take a peek at our website www.ragmaw.com .


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Kat Clifton

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Weeping Willow Felt

Teresa Kachanoski

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Angora Borealis

Beth Howley

In 2017, I brought a pair of Angora rabbits home to my little farm in Portugal Cove NL. As I…

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